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German ITF 5th TaeKwon-Do Seminar with Mr Michael Flaherty 6th Dan ITF

On Saturday the 18th November, German ITF hosted their 5th TaeKwon-Do Seminar with Mr Michael Flaherty, 6th Dan ITF from Ireland.

We were proud to welcome 38 participants from the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland and Germany to Dortmund and grateful to Master Hennie Thijssen for coming and supporting the event.

The first central theme of the day for coloured and black belts was Step Sparring. We started with the basics, Three Step Sparring, first without and then with a partner.
Then advancing on to Two and One Step, Mr Flaherty led us through demonstrations and excercises, showing how they all build on each other, gradually leading studends towards more and more advanced forms of TaeKwon-Do self-defense.

After the well-earned lunch break we were able to try our skills at Foot Sparring and Free Sparring (two against two).
The first part of the seminar was rounded off with forms of Semi Free, Model and Pre-Arranged Sparring. After the afternoon break the 20 black belts continued into the second session of the day, with Mr Flaherty leading us through black belt patterns.

In the evening we had a marvellous meal and time to relax, sit and chat together, renewing old friendships and finding new friends as well.

Our great thanks to Mr Flaherty for leading the seminar, to Master Thijssen for his support and for German ITF for organising this great event.

German-ITF e.V.

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